We are an emerging charity with big ambitions!

We are based in London, where we currently deliver hands-on health promotion work, but our online campaigns create impact across the UK and beyond. Our biggest strength is public engagement, therefore we can take on and successfully deliver any project which aims to engage with the general public or a specific group.

We provide a platform for individuals and organisations to run projects addressing the needs of their own communities and we act as a connector/catalyst between the public, communities, third sector, and other public or private organisations.

We provide space for organisations and individuals to deliver activities enhancing wellbeing in our unit at FinSpace in Finsbury Park as well as in our new location: 151 Broad Lane in Tottenham.

Most of all, we are dedicated to bringing diversity and community building into health promotion, for the purpose of creating stronger, healthier communities. Our Ambassadors, themselves a highly diverse group, deliver projects in their own communities, using their cultural understanding and local knowledge.

We want to work with you if you are:

  • a public sector body looking for the delivery of a good quality community service
  • an organisation looking for a good partner
  • an individual who wants to develop a project for their community

Health promotion


Community Health Ambassadors help people to improve their health and well-being by raising personal health awareness through informing, educating and supporting those who need it. We reach out to the community to share the message about the importance of improving health. In order to achieve that we engage with the public in various ways:

Our goal is to engage each person we serve, inspire awareness of health and well-being, and empower individuals to take control over their own lifestyle


Community development


We believe in empowering individuals and groups to bring about positive change and equipping them with the skills and resources they need to effect change within their communities.

Our Community Give and Take scheme simply means that you can bring us any items you no longer want or need, and we will put them to good use. This may include: clothing and accessories, furniture, decorative objects, household items, electronics, building and decorating materials and many others.

Part of your donations are passed onto our partner organisations which work with disadvantaged people and part are sold in our charity shop order to generate an income which supports our delivery of health awareness projects and maintains of our flexible community spaces in Finsbury Park and Tottenham Hale.

Our Ambassadors

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Our Ambassadors are people like you, who want to improve their communities

We support them as needed, with training, know-how, flexible community space and shared resources

Our network of Community Health Ambassadors links grassroots groups and individuals with the knowledge and opportunities available and relevant to their initiatives.

We aim to develop a multicultural, multilingual team able to deliver information, advice and support to groups that would otherwise find it difficult to access these resources, including, but not limited to, people from disadvantaged backgrounds and ethnic minorities.

You could become our Ambassador too!