Mission, vision and values

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Our mission

To create stronger community links, for the purpose of enhancing quality of life, health, well-being and social cohesion.

Our vision

Stronger communities, better health

Our values


Our aim is to be as diverse and inclusive as possible, in order to make a positive difference to lives of people from all ethnicities, cultures, ages or social groups. In order to achieve that, we aim to develop a very diverse team which understands the needs of their communities and is able to generate the best ideas on how to tackle existing or emerging problems.

Social cohesion

We believe in bringing people from various social strata and backgrounds together; linking the most disadvantaged in our society with those who have access to resources, empowering everyone to reach their maximum potential and give back for the betterment of communities.


We work to bring together individuals and organisations with different and complementary skills, resources, and needs, for the purpose of mutual and community benefit.

An evidence-based approach

We choose which problems to tackle and how to approach them based on evidence provided by rigorous research; we only promote activities, information and products that are proven by reputable research to be beneficial. We keep in close touch directly with communities in  order to assess their needs and respond to their real concerns.


We value good organisational structures which allow no room for wasting time or resources. Our organisation provides a platform for people within various communities to deliver projects for their peers. By providing an excellent administration, evaluation and resource support, we can make any project work and meet all necessary targets.


We listen to our members and beneficiaries, in order to ensure our actions have tangible positive effects.


We are open and honest in all dealings and communications, and hold all our Ambassadors to this standard.