Community Give and Take






“Give and Take”: a good-natured exchange of resources, goods, ideas and experience.

The ‘Give and Take’ philosophy is based on the idea that sharing resources leads to better sustainability, more efficiency, and less waste- and that helping others ultimately leads to our own success. By giving, we create a ripple effect, enhancing the success of people around us, our communities and, ultimately, ourselves.
Our Community Give and Take scheme simply means that you can bring us any  items you no longer want or need, and we will put them to good use. This may include: clothing and accessories, furniture, decorative objects, household items, electronics, building and decorating materials and many others.
We find the  best possible use  for your goods. Part of  your donations are passed onto our partner organisations which work with disadvantaged people and part are sold in order to generate an income which supports our delivery of health awareness projects and maintains of our flexible community spaces in Finsbury Park and Tottenham Hale.
You can also volunteer your time, knowledge and expertise for our projects in the community, or receive help and support from us in running your own projects to promote health & well-being in your community.
In exchange for your donations of goods, time, expertise or money, we can offer you promotion and visibility on our social media or various kinds of support with your own activities, and use of our flexible community space 
Decluttering your home? Spring cleaning? Moving out? Donate your unwanted items now!
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