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Our Ambassadors are members of the community passionate about improving health & well-being among their peers.
Our individual members, who volunteer for us or otherwise offer support with our projects, benefit by accessing training, advice and support for developing their own initiatives for health promotion, well-being or community cohesion. Our network of Community Health Ambassadors links grassroots groups and individuals with the knowledge and opportunities available and relevant to their initiatives. We grant our members access to our knowledge base, connecting them with various reputable organisations in the public and voluntary sectors. We aim to develop a multicultural, multilingual team able to deliver information, advice and support to groups that would otherwise find it difficult to access these resources, including, but not limited to, people from disadvantaged backgrounds and ethnic minorities.
We offer practical work experience to our individual members, increasing their employable skills and offering them visibility, supporting them to eventually become involved in community health work on a self-sustaining basis.

Amanna Hossain, a Bengali woman living in London, became our Ambassador in 2015; as our volunteer, she received cancer awareness training from organisations such as Bowel Cancer UK and Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust; and delivered cancer awareness events to Bengalis in Camden.

Due to her knowledge of the Bengali language, culture and organisations, we have reached a larger population effectively. We have also established contacts with local health services providers, such as the Margaret Pike Centre, who participated in our events, with Amanna's support and translation. Thus, we have created a link between the Camden Bengali community and a relevant service.

As a result of our success, Amanna now works with the Camden CCG promoting NHS screening programmes among the Bengali in King's Cross.

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When Luciana Mansilla became our Ambassador, we have supported her to attend training provided by organisations such as the British Heart Foundation, Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and Rethink Mental Illness. Some of these were available to grassroots organisations but not to individuals on their own. We have also supported her to obtain a Level 2 in Smoking Cessation.

She volunteered on a number of events, being exposed to contact with other health services.

As a result, Luciana was recruited to work as a smoking cessation advisor in Haringey

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