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We believe that a space where people can meet and share resources and ideas is a vital resource for communities. Therefore, we aim to create a truly inclusive, successful shared social space for our network of Ambassadors and the wider community, where diverse individuals and groups can work together and develop links.
We offer free and affordable shared use of our premises, both our unit at FinSpace and our charity shop in Tottenham Hale ( to businesses, charities, grassroots artists and other individuals/ organisations whose ideas, values and brands match ours.
Our community space can be used for co-working, pop-up shops, workshops, meetings, trainings and regular meetups (such as health or slimming groups). We share and allocate space on a flexible as-needed basis, in order to increase accessibility, to create sustainable social networks within communities and foster participative exchange-based relationships.
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For Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, we have teamed up with Bowel Cancer U to organise a focus group with Eastern European migrants in our FinSpace unit.

The discussion included 11 participants from 5 different countries.

Bowel Cancer UK aimed to find out how people from Eastern European communities typically process health information and how health interventions can be shaped effectively to work for these communities. In the focus group, we talked about which health promotion strategies work or don't work in Eastern European communities, whether language barriers prevent people from accessing health information and whether/ why Eastern Europeans living in the UK may prefer to access health services in their own home countries.

Findings from this focus group are being used to inform a training package for Public Health staff which aims to increase NHS cancer screening uptake, in Peterborough and Cambridge.

In May 2016 we were pleased to welcome into our space Jessica Clements from "Animal of Your Heart and Mirjam 'Little Lioness' Rossier ; together, they delivered a Deep Imagery workshop in our innovative space at 141 Broad Lane.

The workshop explored the use of spontaneous personal imagery for inner healing and personal growth

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