We strive to get the most tricky health messages across ,therefore we use many creative social marketing techniques in order to build community connections with and influence positive changes.
Our mini Outreach Van meets people where they are at, grabs attention with its quirky look , drawing attention to key campaign messages displayed on it.
We can change the graphics displayed on the van according to a project as well as the internal display, which serves well as an interactive tool for the purpose of deeper engagement.
The van also serves as a transport tool, which means that we are self-sufficient when it comes to any outdoor event.
This mobile outreach project aims to break down potential barriers people may face in obtaining crucial information. It is served by our diverse team which provides engagement, education, encouragement and support.
Locations are likely to include streets, shopping centres, supermarkets, social housing estates, places of worship, day centre facilities, community centres, community events and any other identified locations with high footfall in harder to reach groups.
Are you a public body, local authority, charity or other organisation interested in our Piaggio promoting your campaign? Get in touch!